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Hide and Seek: Why Customers Aren’t Finding Your Dealership Website Online—and How Content Can End the Games

3 Birds Study Reveals Lack of Service and Parts Content on Majority of Dealership Websites

At 3 Birds, we are firm believers in the importance of high-quality, relevant content to engage and retain customers—especially in the fixed ops department. While service and parts sales make up only 11.6% of total dealership sales, those sales make...
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Black Friday DIgital CMO Marketing Packages

Case Study: Data-Targeting New Customers with Multi-Touch Conquest Email Sends

Conquest email campaign influences 23 sold or leased vehicles overall

A dealership offering new and pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles and service sent three conquest emails (as part of a 3 Birds email marketing package) during the month of April. The client’s dedicated 3 Birds strategist utilized...
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Memorial Day Campaign Send
BBQ Grill in Rain

No Sunshine No Problem: Kicking Off Summer with a Summertime Barbecue

With 3 Birds employees working across the country to serve our clients, it’s a special occasion when we can get a crowd of people to sit still. If there’s one thing that helps, though, it’s home-cooked barbecue. Surprising everyone with...
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Ralph Miller

Employee Spotlight: Ralph Miller

Meet Ralph Miller, our Creative Director, and one of the newest members of the 3 Birds family.

3 Birds’ Creative Director Ralph Miller has been creating for as long as he can remember. He was born and raised on seven acres of land in small-town Maryland, and has always had a natural inclination to work with his hands. He’s turned this...
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