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Kristen Judd President, Co-Founder

Our Product is as Mobile as We Are!

I’ve been traveling extensively lately as have many other 3 Birds team members.  We’ve been at conferences, dealer education events, strategy sessions, client visits, community events sponsored by our clients and even the Googleplex!  I...
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Mobile Email Statistics
mobile marketing

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Mobile Matters More than Ever

How to attract the growing audience of mobile users to your dealership

Thinking about adding a mobile component to your marketingstrategy can be daunting. However, the thought of facing the next few yearswithout this key component is even more alarming. Consider these recentstatistics:· 55% of mobile users...
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A Mobile Revolution

The Wire 2.0 Makes Mobile Easy for Your Dealership

Market to all aspects of your audience at once with one simple platform

Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets have completely changed the way consumers surf the web, check their email and receive information. They’ve changed the behavior of consumers, turning them into multi taskers with no time to waste. Our...
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Spread the Love with our new mobile sites
Google in the News

The New Geography of Google: Your Link Strategy Post-Penguin 2.0

Why branding and local factors will matter more than ever

If you’ve done any reading regarding the fine art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ve no doubt discovered the love-hate relationship its practitioners have with Google. With “70 percent or more of search engine market share in nearly all 50...
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Jon Lamb, VP Sales

Q&A with Jon Lamb, Vice President of Sales

Mobile strategy is more than just a well-optimized website

Jon Lamb is recently joined 3 Birds Marketing as Vice President of Sales. This month we asked him to share the secrets that make for a successful mobile marketing strategy—and more. Q: Welcome to 3 Birds, Jon. Tell us a little about what you were...
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Drew Zabor

4 Reasons Subdomains Matter for Your Business Website

Make them part of your online strategy with 3 Birds Marketing

One of the best features of House, 3 Birds' email newsletter solution, is that we host them on a separate website that we refer to as the engagement site. This engagement site not only publishes engaging and SEO-rich content every month, but it’s...
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