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Why Choose House from 3 Birds?

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Get the digital newsletter that puts your dealership first

We're big fans of the digital newsletter here at 3 Birds, having sent hundreds of thousands of them to millions of subscribers for our clients over our history. We've seen the data, we've crunched the numbers, and we're here to tell you: email newsletters make it easy to reach customers with special offers, informative articles, and much more—and they work. In fact, our data shows that 3 Birds newsletter clients show an 11% increase in open rates over a 12 month period, with managed newsletter clients benefitting even more, showing a 14% increase in open rate. Those increases indicate more than an engaged newsletter audience, they indicate an increase in trust and communication on the consumer's part, two things that turn one-time sales or service ROs into lifelong advocates that provide a steady stream of revenue for your dealership. However, not all newsletters are equally engaging to their readers. As part of 3 Birds' integrated digital marketing suite, House is much more than "just a newsletter."

With House from 3 Birds, your dealership can easily drive sales, service opportunities and valuable data to your target audience. Build your own newsletter from scratch or choose our fully managed House+ solution, which enables you to save the time and effort it takes to create an effective email marketing component for your dealership. The House newsletter creates valuable data that allows you to leverage data analytics to provide your customers with relevant content and offers, all fully managed and owned by you and your staff.

Additional advantages of being a House customer include:

  • Strategic data targeting to ensure positive engagement
  • Optimized content for mobile users and device-adaptive engagement sites
  • Top source of referring traffic to the main site.
  • Social media integration to leverage content and awareness via additional channels.
We understand the power of email as a marketing channel and as a method to foster meaningful relationships with your customers. Our unique products, such as House, are designed to produce equally unique, consistent results.

If you’re ready to facilitate top-of-mind awareness with your customers, contact us at 3 Birds to learn how easy it is for your dealership to get started with House today.