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What to Expect at Digital Dealer 16: Are you maximizing revenue potential in your service drive?


Drive traffic and conversions with automated messaging backed by the type of informative content consumers are looking for online.

Getting the most bang for your revenue buck doesn't have to be complicated.

  1. Drive web, phone, and foot traffic related to service
  2. Drive service traffic to provide customers with timely information relevant to where they are in the vehicle lifecycle.
  3. Do what you do best: provide customers with outstanding service with each visit.
  4. Keep customers coming back to your service department until they are ready to purchase their next vehicle from you.
If you're already messaging your service customers, you know how important it is to keep customers coming back for service after they've bought a vehicle and throughout their vehicle's lifecyle to maximize not only service revenue, but your dealership's revenue potential in general long-term. Google counted 70 MILLION aftermarket service searches every month. Let that sink in for a minute: 70 million searches for service-related content every single month. That translates to 525,000 customers, whose referrals could make up another 100,000 customers. (thinkinsights with Google, The Road to Winning Drivers) How many of those are your customers? Create a customer for life, and you've got yourself a steady stream of recurring revenue for your dealership.

Bridge the gaps between the showroom floor and the service department and marketing and operations with robust messaging tracks that transition your customers from sales to service is absolutely a best practice for your service drive. But back that automated messaging with hundreds of informative articles that provide the information consumers are looking for online and keep your customers on the loyalty track so they don't even think about going anywhere but the dealership where they purchased their car for all of their maintenance and service needs? You've got yourself a recipe for customer service retention that will organically grow over time and create staying power for your dealership long-term.

See it in action at Digital Dealer 16. We'll be at Booth 800 showing off our revolutionary enterprise-level solution powered by the world's largest CRM system and fully integrated with 3 Birds' demand generation and retention platform. There's nothing quite like it. We hope to see you at the show, but either way, contact us to see how it can work for your dealership.