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What’s So Special About Data, Anyway?


Or: How will all these numbers help you earn and save more?

Data by itself isn’t enough—it’s knowing how to use that data that is truly valuable. One of the strengths of the Wire is the ability to cut through the noise to find the data that can help your dealership grow. Here’s what you should be thinking about the next time the “big data” discussion comes up.

Using data to gauge your customers’ interest
Each dealer’s customer base is unique. Using the newsletter as a testing ground for different content gives you the opportunity to see, in a quantitative way, what topics customers are drawn to. Do you have an enthusiast following for the brand you represent? Are your customers bargain hunters? Which models are they drawn to overall? Using content that connects with each of these questions, you can use engagement data (clicks/opens/etc.) to determine interest.

Identifying follow-up opportunities

Once you have the interest question nailed down, it’s time to look at the numbers to identify where your follow-up time and money can best be spent. For instance: you had an article about the new 2014 Honda Accord and 120 people clicked on it. That's some pretty powerful business intelligence that you can use in subsequent conversations over email or in person to tailor your subject line, messaging, and incentives to capitalize on that interest. The result? Exceptional email open rates, conversion opportunities, and motivated customers eager to learn more quickly.

Create a user story/profile

Another powerful use for data comes in creating “user stories”—profiles of typical customer activity that can help you maximize your messaging on a broader basis. With the data available in the Wire, you can piece together a puzzle of who customers are and where they are in their customer lifecycle.

If your latest newsletter has a review about the Ford Escape and an article about the Escape’s new technology, and the same customer engaged with both, it’s safe to say they’re interested in an Escape. Now, imagine that same customer clicked on the “New Inventory” or “Value Your Trade” link. They’re beyond interested. They’re raising their hand.

Analyzing timelines can help guide your content strategy in future newsletters—and your dedicated account strategist at 3 Birds is here to help you do just that.

Compare and contrast customer activity

Sending newsletters and campaigns gives you two different looks at your customers. Often you’ll get two completely different groups engaging with the content. Some customers will have just bought a car, so they’ll connect more with the softer marketing piece of the newsletter or service-related information. If a customer is looking for a deal on service or a new ride, on the other hand, the campaigns may gain more traction. By identifying and comparing these customers, you can take your “user stories” to the next level to be able to see what research is being done (auto reviews, inventory shopping, trade valuation) and what types of offers are appealing (lease vs. purchase, low APR vs. cash off or $0 down, etc.). Gather all this information, predict the questions the customer would have following their interactions, and be the first to provide them with the knowledge and the deal they’re looking for and you’ve got yourself a customer.

Delving into a rich pool of data and applying it to your current strategies is fun! (We might be a bit biased.) Even if data analysis doesn't lie squarely in your wheelhouse, your account strategist is also available to help you get the most out of the product. It’s that level of dedication that keeps delivering value for your dealership month after month—and all it takes is one click to start the conversation today.