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The Science of LIFT: Raise the Bar for Your Service Center

LIFT service sites

Discover how the latest offering from 3 Birds is changing service marketing for the better

Are you seeing the results you want from your dealership’s service department? This critical component of the dealership experience is often missing or underserved in online marketing strategies—and it can have a big impact on your bottom line.

In any dealership, customer retention represents a significant opportunity for a more focused marketing strategy. One estimate suggests that only 11 percent of your dealership’s sold customers will remain as service clients (Page). It’s time for a solution that helps you reach the significant group of customers turning to your competitors for service, while also helping you deliver more options to capture customers from other markets.

LIFT: A full-scale service website that fits your customers

With LIFT, your dealership gets a turn-key, fully-managed and hosted site, featuring vehicle-specific maintenance schedules, customizable Service Specials, and a knowledge center with built-in article library. Today's consumers want to be informed, with 62% of drivers backing up the service technician's recommendation with their own research online (Google). Imagine being the first place your customers turn when they have a question about their vehicle!

Additionally, the Ask a Tech forum offers a platform where customers can ask questions directly to your service staff. This level of engagement builds relationships and positions your dealership as a partner in the service process. 40 percent of customers named “improved interaction with service employees” as their primary motivator for spending more with a particular company—that means increased revenue and lasting loyalty for you (Miltsch).

Increased SEO performance for service-related searches in your area
The expanded service content offered through LIFT doesn’t just make you more attractive to customers—it’s a great way to boost your visibility in search rankings, as well. With articles targeted to popular service keywords, your dealership is in a better position to compete on service-related searches.

Unlike risky link-building SEO strategies (which can sometimes have the opposite effect on your search ranking performance), LIFT promotes positive, organic SEO growth. It’s a win-win: content that both your customers and the search engines will love.

The data you need to guide future marketing efforts
Personalization is one of the keys to successfully engaging with customers, but it can be difficult to tailor marketing messages to individual customers based on insufficient information. With the powerful analytics features built into LIFT, your customers provide you with the data and analytics you need to serve them better with every click.

LIFT offers incredible value to existing 3 Birds customers and gives customers just another reason to keep coming back (and another, and another...every 5,000 miles or recommended maintenance interval!) When it comes to how you’ll use the valuable information you gain from LIFT, the choice is up to you.

LIFT will be launching from 3 Birds this October. We invite you to see our new offering in action at Driving Sales, Digital Dealer 15, and the JD Power 2013 Automotive Marketing Roundtable. Change the way your dealership thinks about service, and change the way your customers view the dealership service department. Give your store the boost it needs with LIFT.

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