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Our Product Stacks: Fixed-Ops & Retention

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Integrated tools for tapping into unrealized revenue potential in your Service Department

Service and parts represent nearly 40 percent of dealership overall gross revenue and 35 percent of net revenue as industry averages. So even a small increase in number of ROs, dollars per repair order, and service retention can have a large impact on your dealership's bottom line. However, integrating fixed ops marketing into a digital strategy hasn’t exactly been easy in the past, due to a lack of comprehensive options and difficulty integrating systems.

We’re here to change that.

Enterprise-Level Software: Integration, Flexibility, Configurability

The 3 Birds Fixed Operation Stack of products is powered by the Force.com platform of Salesforce.com, the world's largest CRM system. 3 Birds integrated our content management system and multi-channel marketing platform with Force.com to bring open, enterprise, flexible and highly configurable software to the automotive industry. Our tightly integrated program offers tools and data for running your Service Department more efficiently and best-in-class software for dynamically generating individualized follow up messaging and other relevant customer communications.

Here’s how it works.

Digital Walk Around and MPI: Touch-Based Tools for Advisors and Technicians

Imagine your service advisors following a consistent process when greeting customers who pull into the lane, conducting the initial walk around inspection and seamlessly suggesting declined services from the customer's last service visit or manufacturer recommended maintenance based upon that customer's service history. Do your technician perform multi-point inspections on every vehicle? Are they using paper MPI forms? Is the opt code data getting entered back into your systems for follow up? Our digital tools for service advisors and techs not only establish a step through process for walk-arounds and MPIs, they streamline shop flow, allow for a professional presentation of inspection results back to the customer, improve the customer experience and provide analytical dashboards and utilization reports for running your Service Department with greater efficiency and profitability.

Dynamically Generated Lifecycle Messaging: Delivering Communications Specific to Each Customer

Proper lifecycle messaging can significantly improve retention by delivering relevant messages tailored to each customer's driving pattern, service history, demonstrated interest and how you want to market. Our dynamically generated lifecycle messaging starts at the time of purchase and delivers relevant transitional messaging introducing customers to your service department. Subsequent messages serve to celebrate anniversaries, recommend services based on MPI results, recapture defectors and customers at risk for defection, and more. In addition, starting in the fall, all email communications will be fully responsive.

Responsive Service Website: The Content Consumers Are Seeking

Not only are our email communications responsive, our service sites, are also built on our responsive website architecture. More than six out of ten dealers have less than five pages of service-related content on their websites. Our sites include expertly-written content for all major services to provide all of the information you customers need and to help you compete with third-party service providers.

Featuring dedicated Special Offers, Meet the Staff, "Why Service Here", and dealership amenities pages, our sites elevate the value proposition of servicing at your dealership and position you as a trusted information provider online. The built-in OEM service scheduler makes it easy for customers to see the exact maintenance recommendations for their vehicle make, model, and year, and then make their appointment within seconds.

The most important benefit of our unique integrated system, though, is the powerful data intelligence it provides. Now you can easily analyze your customer engagement behavior and follow up with targeted sales campaigns and automated lifecycle messaging—all unified in a single industry-leading platform.

Loyalty Program: Reward Loyalty and Keep Customers Coming Back

Our flexible, customizable loyalty program rewards customers for doing business with you with points, credit, or savings you control. Customers can log in to their personal, password-protected Loyalty Program page and view their Service History and points balance. The platform even makes it easy for your staff and customers to track pre-paid maintenance plans. In addition, our Loyalty Program works with our lifecycle messaging to drive customers back your dealership to take advantage of their rewards. The program can also support service conquest campaigns to drive new customers into to your service bays and keep them coming back.

With 3 Birds Fixed Ops solutions, your dealership will increase efficiency, improve customer experience and retention, and create more immediate and future revenue opportunities. Let us show you more. Schedule a demo today. Everyone completing a demo of our Fixed Ops Stack will receive one of the new 3 Birds t-shirts.