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Holiday Marketing Best Practices for Your Dealership

Year End Marketing Solution

Set the stage for success through the end of the year

Throughout 2013, we have seen the conditions for dealership growth converging in a way that hasn’t been seen in years. A recovering economy, great new releases, and a new wave of customers returning to the marketplace have helped make the last several months an exciting time for the automotive dealership industry—and the year’s not over yet.
Every dealership is different, but there are some preparations that all dealerships can start making now to make the most of your holiday marketing.

Increase engagement with consistent cross-channel messaging

Having an established presence on social media sites, landing pages, engagement sites, and email campaigns isn’t enough—your messaging across these channels must be both consistent and tailored to the appropriate audience.

Achieving both relevance and consistency in messaging can be a balancing act during the time-crunched holiday season. Our digital CMO packages are designed to meet this need with beautifully-designed, high-impact messaging tailored for each of your online channels. To make things even simpler, in some cases these packages are even co-op funds-eligible.

Build off the power of the brand

3 Birds' CMO packages help your dealership use the power of branding to increase awareness and excitement for holiday initiatives. Just as consumers have learned to associate consistent and particular values with each OEM, you can use your holiday messaging to share the qualities of your “dealership brand” with customers. That’s why we give you the options to meet your needs: from choosing the design style to customizing your vehicles and offers, it’s easy to develop your own Tier 1-quality creative pieces.

Customer response to these packages in the past speaks for itself. Dealers have seen open rates as high as 59% (18% is more average) and as many as 46 purchases from a single email, while others have doubled their weekend sales. The success of these packages lies in tracking and using click-through data and other analytics to target your holiday marketing.

Utilize customer behavioral data to deliver personalized messaging
If you’re using the same generic messaging for every user, your response rates could be underwhelming. By taking advantage of the wealth of data from previous digital newsletter and campaign sends, however, you can develop engaging targeted messages to reach the individual interest groups that make up your lists.

Unlike some insulated package options, our digital CMO packages include integrated analytics capabilities to make targeting easy. That means less work for you—and more time for your dealership staff to focus on creating the perfect in-store experience to convert your incoming leads.

Keep your team informed about your marketing initiatives
Make sure that your staff knows what to expect when customers arrive. The holidays are a great time to message gift card incentives or free shuttle service in your digital campaigns—include dealership team members in the conversation so that they’re prepared to answer any specific questions customers may have.

The holidays are also a great time to message service specials, as it’s much easier to convince someone to come into your dealership to spend $30 than $20,000 or more while they’re already out shopping for the holidays. This also gives you the chance to add a new lead to your contact list and bring them into the dealership lifecycle messaging.

Follow-up after the holidays
No matter what, remember that the end of the holiday sale doesn’t mean the end of the customer relationship. Customers who never came into buy may still be in the market for a new vehicle—customers bringing home their new vehicle can move directly in to your service messaging funnel.

The important thing is to stay in contact with customers to improve your service retention rate and create a more personable dealership experience. Staying top-of-mind will help you close out the year on a high note, and set you up for success in the next one.

Our digital CMO packages are available now so that your dealership can create your optimal holiday marketing strategy. We’d love to show you what we have to offer—get in touch today.