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Employee Spotlight: Ralph Miller

Ralph Miller

Meet Ralph Miller, our Creative Director, and one of the newest members of the 3 Birds family.

3 Birds’ Creative Director Ralph Miller has been creating for as long as he can remember. He was born and raised on seven acres of land in small-town Maryland, and has always had a natural inclination to work with his hands. He’s turned this inclination into an impressive 15-year-and-counting career centered on design, marketing, and everything in between. “Design, marketing, it’s all the same thing for me,” Ralph explains, “I don’t have to think about it anymore. My brain is programmed to just do it, and I can’t really turn it off. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

Ralph’s career took him from Maryland to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked as a Senior Designer for Ecast Inc., Senior Art Director of Sports and Entertainment for Delivery Agent, and also founded his own multi-faceted entertainment portal called Rusty Knuckles.
Eventually Ralph decided to switch coasts and head east. In 2010, he started as a part time Design and Marketing Professor at the Art Institute of Raleigh Durham, and most recently he’s joined the 3 Birds team in Chapel Hill. What brought him here? “The market is a cool space for me because I’m a gearhead,” Ralph says, “It was a good fit for where I wanted to go and a change of pace for my career.” He dove right in at 3 Birds, learning about the software solutions, and honing in on the message of 3 Birds Marketing within the company’s goals. In his new role, Ralph says his main focus right now is helping to drive scalable growth of 3 Birds’ business through the creative direction of content, because 3 Birds is much more than just a marketing company.

Outside of work, Ralph’s real passion is building motorcycles and old vehicles. “I’m far more interested in fixing up an old truck than working for MTV again,” he says. If he had to be a car, he’d be a ’49 Chevy truck, just like the one he used to work on during his free time. When he’s not holding a wrench under the hood of his favorite project, Ralph’s holding chopsticks enjoying his favorite food: sushi. He drives a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work and loves Quentin Tarantino movies and actor Christopher Waltz. “He’s really multifaceted,” he says, “and he speaks, like, five languages. I’m fascinated by him.”

3 Birds couldn’t be happier to have Ralph on our team. He’s only been here for seven weeks, but his Harley parked outside seems like it’s been there for years. It just fits, and so does he.
For more about Ralph, check out his page on LinkedIn here.