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Case Study: Data-Targeting New Customers with Multi-Touch Conquest Email Sends

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Conquest email campaign influences 23 sold or leased vehicles overall

A dealership offering new and pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles and service sent three conquest emails (as part of a 3 Birds email marketing package) during the month of April. The client’s dedicated 3 Birds strategist utilized existing business intelligence to create a send list of 50,000 people who were in-market in the dealership area, but were not current or previous customers.]

Campaigns were sent April 28th and 30th. The campaigns featured a special offer from each of the dealership’s brands and creative elements tied into the OEM’s seasonal sales event.

Using the click data provided from the campaigns and sales data from the end of April into May, the client’s 3 Birds representative was able to run a back match identifying which recent sales were recipients of the conquest send.

A total of 23 email recipients went on to purchase or lease vehicles within the following month with a cumulative sales price of $746,321.17.

Effective multi-touch digital marketing yields ROI benefits
By using strategic digital campaigns and analyzing click data, the client was able to expand their marketing reach and maximize their ROI. Such results would be much harder to obtain through traditional means (such as print or radio).