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The Wire 2.0 Makes Mobile Easy for Your Dealership

A Mobile Revolution

Market to all aspects of your audience at once with one simple platform

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have completely changed the way consumers surf the web, check their email and receive information. These devices have changed the behavior of consumers, turning them into multi taskers with no time to waste. As digital marketers, our goal is to make it easier for people to find the information they need and consume great content. To do this, you must present consumers with the direct content they want, in a clear and easy to use format.

Why go mobile?

The days of car shoppers spending multiple weekends driving from dealership to dealership, learning as they go, are over. A dealer can no longer depend on top-of-the funnel, organic foot traffic. On average, a consumer visits 17 industry websites before they purchase a vehicle; today's consumers are coming into your dealership armed and ready to buy. The search for a consumer’s dream vehicle is at their fingertips at any time in any place: waiting in line at the bank, riding the subway or just sitting at home. 78% of people who are planning on buying a vehicle during the next 12 months will use a mobile device at some point during their search (Greystripe). To add to this, 44% of those buyers will use their phones to compare prices at different dealerships and if your mobile site is not fully optimized, you’re losing business (Greystripe).

Just like mobile sites, it’s important that emails, including e-newsletters, are optimized as well. Consider the following statistics: 

  • 43% of emails are now opened on a mobile device (Jordan). 
  • 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by emails from companies (via van Rijn).
  • 80% of mobile platform users will immediately delete an email if it doesn’t render well on their mobile device (Leggatt). 
It’s important that you are reaching mobile users via email and equally important that your emails are presented in the appropriate format.

Mobile Optimization

It’s clear that to maintain a competitive advantage the way content is presented must adapt. The Wire 2.0 is a game changer for the mobile automotive industry--our newsletters and web pages are now device-optimized to effectively render on any device whether it’s a smart phone, tablet or desktop. This allows you to deliver content while optimizing the user experience on any platform in an easy to navigate format. Device-optimization is the product of a mobile strategy that comes inherently with HTML5. Because of this, we provide our clients the advantage of optimized mobile sites, at no extra cost.

Clear and consistent across all devices

Unlike separate mobile sites, device optimized sites share one URL across all devices. It’s aesthetically displeasing and frustrating for your users to accidentally go to a mobile site from a desktop computer. Device optimized sites avoid this problem and allow your content to render perfectly on any device, mobile or not. For instance, if a customer reads your newsletter from a mobile device and wants to share the link on Twitter, who knows what device their followers will be using? With device optimization, no matter what type of device they use to click the link, the website will render perfectly, creating streamlined content and communication between you and users.

Tailored and direct content

On the handheld screen of a smartphone, a device-optimized site offers users only the essential information they need while on-the-go. Scheduling a test drive, contacting sales and making a service appointment are just a few of the action items we put at users' fingertips with a fixed action bar. The same website, viewed on an iPad, offers more information and can be made more visually dynamic thanks to the larger screen. Finally, users interfacing with the website through a desktop computer are given access to the full site and all of its capabilities.

Increased customer retention through shorter load times

In addition to tailoring your content to give users the best experience for their device, our new device-optimized sites load more quickly than traditional mobile sites, increasing customer retention. Almost 75% of users are only willing to wait five seconds for a site to load before abandoning it and a website’s load time directly affects its SEO value. Without a device-optimized website, you could be losing business to your competitors.

Whether you’re currently one of our clients or looking to boost your sales through mobile marketing, check out our video breakdown of version 2.0 and contact us for more information.


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