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A Very 3 Birds Halloween

3 Birds Halloween

Guacamole, goblins, and an 80's Canadian pop sensation...these are all things you can easily find at a 3 Birds Halloween party. Take a tour through the 3 Birds cast of Halloween characters and let us know your favorite!

Left to right: Dwight, Despicable Me, Waldo, Despicable Me, Robin Sparkles.

Despicable Me

[Chip] Monk. [Winner, Funniest Costume]

Left to right: Despicable Me minion, Waldo, Crazy Cat Lady [Winner, Best Costume], Chemist

Left to right: "404: Costume not found," "Bargain Hunter," "Demon Skateboarder [Winner, Scariest Costume]"

Scary goodies!

Enderman from Minecraft

Nothing goes with candy corn like a game of cornhole.