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A Conversation with Geoff Brooks, Fixed Ops Marketing Director

Geoff Brooks

Geoff speaks out about the Fixed Ops Retention Suite and what he loves about being new to Chapel Hill.

Geoff is one of the newer members of the 3 Birds team, but lately he’s had another new arrival on his mind. On February 1st, he and his wife welcomed their firstborn into the world. In between his new parenting duties, Geoff serves as our Fixed Ops Marketing Director, which just means that every day he finds new ways to push the envelope for our clients and provide the most comprehensive and configurable fixed-ops solution for automotive dealers on the market. After reading through our recent conversation, we think you’ll agree that he was the right man for the job.

Q: How did your career lead you to your current role at 3 Birds?
A: I got my first taste of the business as a marketing intern with Crown Automotive in Greensboro, NC while in college at Appalachian State University and stayed on in a sales role after graduation at Crown Nissan. I was promoted to F&I after about a year of sales, eventually serving as the corporate floater for the 16 Crown dealerships.
I took a heavy interest in the digital side of things, which led to me entering the Internet Sales/Ecommerce space and managing Crown’s internet sales departments. Over the next 5 years, my role grew to oversee a regional team, finally managing e-commerce and digital marketing operations for the Asbury Automotive group of over 80 dealerships.

Q: Where does your expertise lie in the current automotive marketing industry?
A: Throughout my career, I’ve seen the importance of automotive digital marketing and ecommerce process. I’ve had extensive experience with CRM process and training, DMS utilization, dealer websites, inventory polling, and all dealership processes from sales to fixed. I’ve also had the opportunity to work and collaborate with many vendors in the space, including website providers, inventory providers, 3rd party leads providers, SEM and display, and many more.

Q: How do you think the 3 Birds Fixed Ops Customer Retention Suite differs from what’s out there?
A: The automotive digital space has so many options when it comes to the products a dealer can choose. With the 3 Birds product suite, we combine the much-needed Fixed Ops digital marketing products into one turnkey solution. This prevents the dealer from having to manage multiple vendors and can now have one central voice and message. What I like most about our products is that they are primarily automated. A dealer can grow its RO count, $ per RO, and overall retention without having to completely change its current processes.

Q: What are your favorite things about the Chapel Hill area?
A: Since moving to Chapel Hill in December of 2013, I’ve fallen in love with the area. There are always things to do and people on the move. College towns keep you young. I love the food scene, including Med Deli, Al’s Burgers, Carrburritos, and 411 West Italian Café. My wife and I look forward to raising our first born in Chapel Hill.