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5 Things Your Customers Want in An Automotive Service Provider

In an increasingly competitive market, creating and maintaining customer loyalty has become a necessity for sustainable success in the service sector. By understanding and catering to your customer's priorities you can win their business and keep them around long-term.

1. Presence
If half the battle is showing up, the other half is increasing the number of customers in your service bays on a regular basis to show up in search results--and showing up well. 43% of customers search for a local business before deciding where to take their car for service (Google, “The Road to Winning Drivers: What Drivers Want in Automotive Aftermarket Service"). Fortunately, from your dealership's social media presence to website content, there are multiple points along the consumer decision journey to optimize your virtual presence, drive traffic, convert more leads and ultimately, win over the driver.

2. Convenience
Getting an oil change is like shopping for groceries or any other recurring item on the to-do list: your customers would just as soon visit your dealership service center as they would any other competitor if it's more convenient or efficient for them to do so. 1 in 3 drivers are uncommitted to a particular auto service provider (Google) and even the most dedicated drivers can easily be won over with an attractive offer or a convenient appointment time and reminder. Make it easy for your customers to book an appointment with your dealership by sending reminder emails before their next service, providing them with the information they're searching for, and making it easy and enjoyable for your customers to visit time and again.

3. Information
Before a service visit, many drivers value access to articles and videos that describe automotive services in great detail. Service sites are an ideal outlet for providing customers with the content they need to confidently book a service appointment. Our Lift service sites feature vehicle-specific maintenance schedules, customizable service specials, and a built-in article library to guide the consumer decision-making process. Today's consumers want to be informed, with 62% of drivers backing up the service technician's recommendation with their own research online (Google). This level of transparency with the consumer in the form of quality content can establish trust in your dealership and its position as an authoritative information source.

4. Mobility
As we've mentioned before, mobile optimization is imperative for your dealership’s customer engagement strategy. As the smartphone market continues to grow, so does the need to tailor your dealership’s digital presence to drivers conducting research via mobile. Mobile searches for automotive services result in an average of 2.5 follow-up actions, like a phone call, visit, or a set appointment, (Google,) more follow-up actions than almost any other industry. Mobile search is action-oriented and looking for quick, simple answers to common questions. Be there with the answer when you're potential customer searches, and there's a good chance you can attract his or her business.

5. Quality
Special offers may attract customers, but great customer service will keep them. Google Consumer Surveys found that “with vehicle service, quality of service and a great customer experience are more important than a low price or a good deal.” Great customer service training and a solid practice for following up with current customers may be the key for some customers to make repeat visits to your dealership for service.

Outstanding service, in conjunction with effective digital marketing solutions, can help your dealership grow and retain a loyal customer base. Contact us today to learn how 3 Birds services can help your dealership achieve its service marketing goals in 2014.