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3 Birds: A Love Story

we love our clients

It’s that time of year when the store shelves are filled with heart shaped boxes and glittery cards, single people secretly cringe on the inside while still appearing completely indifferent on the outside and non-single people decry “Hallmark Holidays” while writing, with damp eyes, their once-a-year love note to their better half. There’s love in the air and dinner reservations are hard to come by – it must be Valentine’s Day.

At 3 Birds, we give love all of the time – to our co-worker’s new car, the pizza place across the street, to our interns.  Mainly though, we love our clients. A lot! And damn does it feel good when we get love from them. We’re pretty easy, too. We don’t need flowers or chocolates; a well-timed thank you or pat on the back is all it takes to send us over the moon. We know there’s a lot to love about 3 Birds, but we’ll never tire of hearing it (so keep telling us).

In the spirit of the holiday, I’ll share some love with you and tell you about some of the props we’ve received lately (or warm fuzzies as we called them in college).

Love Note #1: We work with one large client group that has dealerships on both coasts. At one of their West Coast locations, a competitor was engaging in poor online practices by creating URLs with our client’s name that lead to a YouTube video touting the other dealership featuring their Internet Director, leaving numerous false reviews and Yelp events tagged with our client’s name to promote the other dealership and creating fake profiles on review sites. It was a bad situation. Our crack digital account manager noticed the profiles and started to investigate, uncovering all the other transgressions that added up to a serious problem.  We contacted our client who immediately agreed that the situation was severe and escalated our research to group-level legal who took action. It’s this attention to detail and commitment to protecting our clients that earned us some love from this client.

Love Note #2: Have you ever turned a negative review into a sold vehicle? We did, by properly and quickly escalating the review to the store’s GM and providing the information necessary to follow up with the client. The result? This email from the client to our account manager:

Serious 3 Birds love there.

Love Note #3: We rock highline – one of our high-end dealers couldn’t say enough about how impressed he was on our conformance to the Porsche brand.  Here’s what he said, “I am dumbfounded at your ability to adapt to Porsche and relate to the customer base in this short period of time, not to mention produce relevant pieces of information for my audience. Simply amazing!” Now that makes us smile; it’s nice to take such pride in your work and then to be recognized for it.

Love Note #4: This one's a video from an eCommerce Director of a large auto group in Florida who loves us just as much as we love him.

But, enough about us, let’s talk about you. If you don’t have a love-love relationship with your digital solution, you need to call us. We have plenty of love to give and our love will sell you more cars. Period. What’s not to love about that?

Megan Gardner is the Vice President of Client Services for 3 Birds Marketing. She is so super-helpful and always ready with a smile that we think she needs one of those "take-a-number" machines installed to prevent the lines that keep forming at her door by people eager for some "Megan time."